Corporate Art Collections – Stories of Pictures Told by Companies in Osaka


Kansai Association of Corporate Executives
Corporate Art Collection Executive Committee

An art exhibition “Corporate Art Collections – Stories of Pictures Told by Companies in Osaka” was held by the Corporate Art Collection Executive Committee of Kansai Association of Corporate Executives from October 4th to 18th 2018, exhibiting works of art collected and owned by our member companies. The exhibition attracted a total of 4,636 visitors, who enjoyed splendid paintings which are rarely shown to the public.

Envisioning as a social experiment to be inherited by the Nakanoshima Museum of Art, the exhibition set late opening hours till 8 to enable business persons to enjoy art after work.
To highlight this, “Fukushima Art Bar” a food festival incorporating 16 restaurants around the Fukushima area as well as mini-concerts performed by young talented musicians were held in conjunction with the exhibition.

Also, a series of “art communication programs” conducted by expert staff was implemented for the children who are to live through vibrantly difficult time to come.

■Background and History

From the proposal (May, 2016) by “Kansai 2019・20・21 Committee” of Kansai Association of Corporate Executives;

Taking the mega events in 2019, 2020 and 2021 as opportunities to come, the business organizations (including Kansai Association of Corporate Executives etc.) as well proactively envision, by cooperating with each other, supporting the creation of an environment in which many people as possible can actively come in touch with culture and art so that people can obtain true understandings towards the social diversity while having precious experiences. It is hoped that implementing this will create new impetus in the local community.
(…) To make full use of the opportunity that many of cultural events of excellent qualities will come, it is recommended for schools to actively work on providing educational opportunities in which children and students can touch upon culture and art. At home, adults also need to foster their cultural literacy and create an environment in which children and family members can participate in cultural activities.

This proposal was the basis of holding the art exhibition showing art works from the collections of collaborating companies.

This project, implemented by the business organization with supports from citizens, was realized by the contributions from many business leaders who understood the project’s mission to make a better society, including education for the next generation’s children.

■Purpose of the exhibition

  1. Contributing to fostering next generation’s human resources who own rich creativity and sensitivity, by drawing on the deep cultural base - the strength of Osaka and Kansai. Making the corporate art collections open to the public will increase the value of Osaka and Kansai.
  2. Enhancing the cultural literacy of citizens of Osaka and Kansai through abundant art and cultural experience. In particular, providing educational programs to foster children’s sensitivity of the next generation.
  3. Realizing the exhibition in small size as private sector’s social experiment, as well as making a recommendation to the city of Osaka that the exhibition will be inherited by the Nakanoshima Museum of Art opening in 2021, with the outcome of holding the exhibition.

■Art Communication Program

The Art Communication Program is an art educational method that does not give information on art works one-way, but develops children’s capacity by drawing upon communication's basic skills - “looking, thinking, talking and listening.”

Look  :not just look at pictures but look thorough attentively.
Think :think about pictures relying on one’s intuitions
Talk    :tell group members one’s own feelings and questions putting them into appropriate words
Listen:listen to other’s opinions attentively

(Support:Kyoto University of Art and Design)

■Going Forward

Next exhibition’s period and location:
January 24th – February 15th , 2020 (Enokojima Art, Culture and Creative Center, Osaka Prefecture)

We are aiming at establishing this exhibition as a social contribution project initiated by a business organization and also envision handing it over to the Nakanoshima Museum of Art that plans to open in 2021.